Experiências pedagógicas em língua portuguesa: contribuições do método MAPREI para a formação integral do estudante

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Paula, Sarah Jimena Moreno de
Vasconcelos, Maria Lúcia Marcondes Carvalho
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Martins, Valéria Bussola
Periotto, Maria Suelí
In the study of language, discussions about the discourse implications involved in oral and written communication are constantly present. One defends that language proficiency of its speakers must surpass the limits of the linguistic materiality and enter the field of the production of meaning. This is because to understand and be understood regarding their perceptions and intentions consists, from the very beginning of humanity, in a practice of fundamental importance for the progress of human beings. Language, with its broad scope, is the protagonist in this process. Therefore, based on such theoretical concepts, this research, a case study, presents experiences that seek to develop, in Portuguese reading and writing classes—besides the content of a syllabus—the emotional, social, and affective skills of the students, contributing effectively to the formation of ecumenical and solidary citizens who have critical thinking skills. This study has as main objective to identify in what way such strategies can encourage students’ complete formation in Primary Education. To this end, this research will present didactic and pedagogical practices carried out in a Primary Education school, the José de Paiva Netto Educational Institute (IEJPN), located in São Paulo, Brazil, in which the Learning Method through Rational-Emotional-Intuitive Research (MAPREI, in Portuguese) is applied. This is a pedagogical tool developed by the aforementioned school that, with the use of different strategies, contributes to the development and complete education of its students and promotes, among other aspects, their leadership in the construction of knowledge and in the effort to transform their personal and collective realities.
língua portuguesa , educação , práticas docentes , MAPREI
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PAULA, Sarah Jimena Moreno de. Experiências pedagógicas em língua portuguesa: contribuições do método MAPREI para a formação integral do estudante. 2019. 148 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.