As práticas discursivas intertextuais do lyric video: uma (re)leitura audiovisual performática

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Akamine, William Takenobu
Alvarez, Aurora Gedra Ruiz
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Davino, Gláucia Eneida
Morais, Osvando José de
Even though well defined, the music market looks for new strategic resources to find a segment of the publicity and best choice to the public. We live in a society supported in technology, that adore the agility of the information and the versatility of content production, the segment of the entertainment became disputed. Currently, the music shows the dialogue with other languages. In the context of the combination of media, we see several contents mixed of sounds and images, which makes audiovisual products to travel on the internet, has purpose of getting more views and likes in social networks. Technology has advanced, new methods have emerged that place another component in front of sound and music: the lyrics of composition. This is a way to visualize the content synchronized with the music. The techniques of conversation applied in the digital media are the same used in impressions, television, or even in writing. The function of convincing the public to consume video lyric, object of this text, carries hidden techniques and speech, that was built for the information device. We speak in this dissertation the ways of constitution of lyric video, the best resources to build a rhetoric of persuasion and what effects of meaning these strategies produce. The theoretical bases of this dissertation are: the studies of Bakhtin Circle dialogism, the fundamentals of Aristotle's Rhetoric and Gestalt theory, under the eye of Donis A. Dondis.
lyric video , publicidade , audiovisual , retórica , dialogismo
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AKAMINE, William Takenobu. As práticas discursivas intertextuais do lyric video: uma (re)leitura audiovisual performática. 2019. 139 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.