Aprendizagem social organizacional e sustentabilidade: a experiência de um programa empresarial de mulheres empreendedoras

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Amaral, Diego Gama
Brunstein, Janette
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Ferreira, Jorge Flavio
Jacobi, Pedro Roberto
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This work aimed to analyze the process of organizational learning under a social lens in a network of enterprises, relating such process to the premises of social learning for sustainability (SLfS). The purpose was to articulate the theory of social learning in these two approaches: a broader one, namely, the sustainability, and a more restricted one, that is, the organizational environment, based on a project of social development. The theoretical reference adopted for such study was based on studies focused on SLfS and on discussions regarding the social dimension of sustainability. As for the organizational context, the study recovered the concept of social learning within organizations, seeking to relate such concept to the critical elements of SLfS as well as to the barriers of organizational learning. To achieve such goal, the option was to choose a project built and maintained by means of social interactions among actors that experienced challenges and, hence, needed to dialogue and collaborate among themselves so to as to attain the same objectives. Accordingly, it was carried out a case study involving a network of popular ventures managed by Programa Mulher Empreendedora housed by Instituto Consulado da Mulher (ICM). This is the main social program of the trademark Consul , which is anchored in sustainability projects developed by such company. The main technique in the data gathering was the nonparticipant observation, which was complemented by documentation analyses and semi-structured interviews. With respect to the analysis of qualitative data, it was utilized the interpretative procedures inspired by Flores (1994). The results depicted similarities among the factors that promote social learning, considering the perspective of sustainability as well as that of organizational. The critical elements observed in the studies on sustainability (reflection and critical thinking; participation and engagement; negotiation and collaboration; systemic thinking; and communication) were corroborated in the interactions in the networks of enterprises, considering the social learning in the organizations. The questioning and dialogues among the entrepreneurs, coupled with the commitment to the businesses, had important roles for the learning process as the problems and solutions were discussed with transparency and on a democratic fashion. The adoption of new approaches and the changes in behavior were the results of learning processes derived from the daily and practical experiences. Moreover, the relation among the five structural factors of the Program contributed to advance the learning process among the participants: (i) the mutual help among the ventures within the supply chain; (ii) the setting of the networks of ventures; (iii) the exchange of experience among the participants; (iv) the facilitation from the social educator; and (v) the stimulus for the process of reflection-action. The social educator in charge of assisting the ventures had an important function to encourage questioning and dialogue in the entrepreneurs, given the social and cultural context of the participating: low income and low literacy women. For the conception of social learning, a greater integration of the ventures in the network of experiences exchanges may reduce the effect of the fragility existing in the Program: the turnover of the entrepreneurs. At the end of the study, theoretical and practical subsidies were provided so that social development programs can be enhanced based on a more intelligible knowledge about the learning process among the participating actors.
aprendizagem organizacional , aprendizagem social , desenvolvimento social , mulheres empreendedoras , sustentabilidade , organizational learning , social learning , social development , entrepreneurial women, sustainability
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AMARAL, Diego Gama. Aprendizagem social organizacional e sustentabilidade: a experiência de um programa empresarial de mulheres empreendedoras. 2015. 1 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Administração) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2015.