Como os empresários lidam com os dilemas de dignidade na gestão das empresas

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Silva, Marco Andre Ferreira da
Teixeira, Maria Luisa Mendes
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Domenico, Silvia Marcia Russi de
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The society claims for a kind of organization that does not aim only for revenues without pay attention in costs involved. Ethic is important subject for business and organizations, some authors say that ethic and business could not be related issues,and other authors say that we can not separate ethic from business. This research consider the subjective aspects and focus on businessmen entrepeneur and their interactions with stakeholders, considering the social complexity within business.The research problem is how the businessmen entrepeneur deal with dilemmas of dignity in the organization management. This research utilizes the grounded theory procedures. The data has been collected based on interviews with nine businessmen entrepeneur of established companies and has been analyzed in NVIVO 8. The central category emerged from the data was named Prioritazion of Symbolic Rewards.The businessmen entrepeneur who has presented sensitivity to moral dilemmas, prioritize symbolic rewards, the characteristics are: social prestige,personal satisfaction, personal power, and professional recognition, building a dignity enterprise and strategies to treat dilemmas that affects the stakeholder dignity. The executives that have presented sensitivity to operational dilemmas, Prioritize Financial Rewards, aiming to improve the family way of living, building companies that prioritize revenues based on company operational focus.
dilema moral de dignidade , dilema operacional , dignidade , grounded theory , tese da separação , moral of dignity dilemma , operational dilemma , dignity, grounded theory , Dilemma , dignity , the separation thesis
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