Manufatura enxuta e desempenho de negócio

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Pescarmona, Adriano
Moori, Roberto Giro
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Marcondes, Reynaldo Cavalheiro
Paiva, Ely Laureano
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Lean Manufacturing (LM) is a concept originated from the introduction of Toyota Production System (TPS), when the Japanese manufacturer, since the 1980s, became a global reference in the application of IPM due to the success of the adopted production model. Successfully applied to companies in various areas, the LM is studied by researchers worldwide, but in Brazil studies are required on the subject. This form of management discussion brings to the quest for simplicity, ie, elimination of waste, establishment of flow processes and proximity to customer and market. On this basis, the aim was to provide input to clarify the answer to question: the use of the LM system has direct relationship with business performance? This research also sought help to expand knowledge about the LM and find subsidies in the corporate environment so they can better understand the impacts of this management system in business performance. Accordingly, the aim is also to verify the need for non-financial variables as intermediate between the use of LM and business performance. To this end, we carried out a research project in two stages. The first step was an exploratory nature, where we seek, through interviews with professionals, to determine elements that characterize the LM and also validate the non-financial indicators and business performance that would be used in the study. In the second step a field survey was applied to managers involved with management and implementation of LM elements. The data collected in the first stage were treated by the content analysis and contributed to the formation of the elements that characterize the LM and validate the constructs. The data coming from the second stage went through factor analysis and development of structural equation to study the relationships between the constructs LM, non-financial indicators and business performance. Results show a valid relationship between elements of LM and non-financial indicators and business performance. Also found that the non-financial indicators exert relevant intermediary between the elements of LM and business performance. It was also noted the high importance that factors such as waste elimination and the establishment of flow have in LM. Among the findings, beyond the positive aspects, there is, in our sample, lack of awareness of the effect of managers actions in business performance due to the distance between their actions with guidelines to business arising from the focus on short term and the gap on training of managers.
manufatura enxuta , indicadores não-financeiros , desempenho de negócio , lean manufacturing , non-financial indicators , business performance
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