A construção da identidade organizacional decorrente de um processo de spin off : um estudo fundamentado na análise semiótica do discurso

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Cardoso, Marco Antonio Fernandes
Hanashiro, Darcy Mitiko Mori
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Barros, Diana Luz Pessoa de
Domenico, Silvia Marcia Russi de
Carrieri, Alexandre de Pádua
Machado, Hilka Pelizza Vier
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The literature on organizational identity, from various perspectives, deals with additive business processes such as mergers, acquisitions or cooperative enterprises among companies. However, the inverse, subtractive process, where a company emerges from the original company, has not received much attention in the literature with respect to the creation of the new company s identity. This thesis aims to understand the construction of the organizational identity of a spin-off outsourced company. A qualitative, exploratory and longitudinal study was performed on the basis of a case study. The research consisted of 13 in-depth interviews with the key actors involved from the start of the spin-off process, along with the current managers, including non-participant observation in meetings and events, as well as broad documental analysis. The transcribed interview texts and secondary data were analyzed on the narrative and discursive levels, both in terms of syntax and of semantics under textual semiotics. The central and distinctive identity characteristic, present on the fundamental level of the discourses belonging to the studied case, was found to be reliability. This attribute, which was consolidated along the spin-off company s historical path, in an integrated manner among its members and groups, refers to the identity category of the fundamental level of the semiotic square revealed during the research. The inexorable influence of the original company s organizational culture on the construction of the new company s identity was also observed, at least in the initial phase; this process was identified as an organizational culture spin-off. However, through semiotic analysis of the texts in the study s corpus it was possible to identify other aspects of organizational identity, relative to otherness and its contradictions, which were of an unstable, tensional and ambiguous nature but were nonetheless relevant to understanding the way organizations create their identities.
identidade organizacional , cultura organizacional , empresa-mãe , terceirização , spin off , análise semiótica do discurso , organizational identity , organizational culture , original company , outsourcing , spin-off , semiotic discourse analysis
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CARDOSO, Marco Antonio Fernandes. A construção da identidade organizacional decorrente de um processo de spin off : um estudo fundamentado na análise semiótica do discurso. 2013. 308 f. Tese (Doutorado em Administração) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2013.