Teaching-learning practice and value creation in edtechs: the inteli case study

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Lopes, Yan Miguel
Meirelles, Dimaria Silva e
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Sambiase, Marta Fabiano
Nair, Anup Karath
Bido, Diógenes de Souza
Padilha, Maria Auxiliadora Soares
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The dropout of students in educational institutions that seek to train people for the job market increases every day. Meanwhile, Edtechs – education institutions that apply technology – increase their student base every day. Several studies mentioned that the differential of these institutions is the use of technology. For researchers, the use of technology influences the way students learn and are evaluated. Other authors mentioned that other things are needed to create value for students, in addition to the use of technology. This study, therefore, seeks to portray how value is created in the teaching-learning practice provided by Edtechs. To this end, a theoretical study on Value Creation by Edtechs will be presented, a review of the types of teaching-learning and, finally, the development of a theoretical-practical scheme of Value Creation in the Teaching-Learning practice in a Brazilian Edtech. With the study based on a practical approach, it is expected to demonstrate how value is created by Edtech. The research will help managers of Edtechs and universities to understand the process of Value Creation in Teaching-Learning provided by Edtechs so that they can reassess their strategies and apply the practices adopted by the researched company. As for researchers, the theoretical-empirical model can be used as a basis for their research with other Edtechs and traditional institutions for comparative purposes.
consumer-based view , value-creation , teaching-learning , edtech
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