O fantástico nos contos de Murilo Rubião: um olhar sobre o trinômio texto-leitor-leitura

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Boranelli, Valdemir
Trevisan, Ana Lúcia
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Ferreira, João Cesário Leonel
Volobuef, Karin
Amaral, Glória Carneiro do
Iannace, Ricardo
Recent studies have moved beyond Todorov s concepts and define the fantastic as a phenomenon of language. Authors such as Filipe Furtado, Rosalba Campra, Erdal Mary Jordan, share this conceptual framework. They would rather see the fantastic like a narrative mode which generates textual ambiguities rather than a feeling of hesitation. The validity of this is in the construction of the text, that is, its articulation in producing a literary effect of disturbance to the reader. These definitions of the fantastic as a phenomenon of language allow us to understand it not as a genre, but as a way of narrating. Based on this conception, it is understood that the fantastic text of the twentieth century, especially Murilo Rubião s text, here called neo-fantastic, is constructed through linguistic devices, including epistemological metaphor and hyperbole, which create the fantastic effect on the reader, so that they correspond to the vision and description of the gaps in our causal perception of reality, which would be impossible to be described in ordinary language and / or scientific language. Thus the text produced by Murilo Rubião frees the reader to think about what is said, then, it is evident that a change in attitude by the reader, in relation to this literature, is needed. The nineteenth century fantastic as defined by Todorov aimed at an implied reader; on the other hand, the twentieth century fantastic requires the presence of a real reader, in the flesh, to confront his views on the world with the narrative. This way, our focus is on the relation text-reader-reading making up the narrative action, demonstrating the role and the position of the reader before a fantastic literary text, highlighting the text by Murilo Rubião.
fantástico , Murilo Rubião , texto , leitor , leitura , fantastic , Murilo Rubião , text , reader , reading
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BORANELLI, Valdemir. O fantástico nos contos de Murilo Rubião: um olhar sobre o trinômio texto-leitor-leitura. 2013. 116 f. Tese (Doutorado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2013.