Design thinking aplicado à educação

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Fratin, Rogerio Lindo
Ambrogi, Ingrid Hötte
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Andrade, Maria de Fátima Ramos de
Prioste, Marcelo Vieira
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
This research presents the interface between Education and Design Thinking, which is a method that uses a wide range of knowledge to solve proposed challenges in different areas. In using this methodology to search for changes on the dynamics and relations at school, Education opens the possibility to rethink its characteristics and problems. The present work realizes a research on a second grade mid school’s classroom of a private school in São Paulo, in order to raise its problems and find solutions based on the tools of Design Thinking. For this purpose, analyses, along with the coordination, teachers, inspectors and the canteen’s owner, which obstacles they notice on the teaching-learning process of the school, asking the students, through a printed survey, the positive and negative aspects of this process and what they would like to be improved. The result of the research and its analysis was the creation of a specific Design Thinking tools kit for this school.
Design thinking , ferramentas pedagógicas , design thinking aplicado à educação
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FRATIN, Rogerio Lindo. Design thinking aplicado à educação. 2016. 136 f. Dissertação (Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.