The impact of the different informality rules on the organizational engagement and entrechment processes in the global glass packing market and their cross-country variances

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Baptistucci, Marcos Viceconte
Bataglia, Walter
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Perez, Gilberto
Fischer, André Luiz
Tonelli, Maria José
Tescari, Fábio Viard de Campos da Silva
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Over the past few decades, capitalism has developed under a different political and economic crises, gradually leading to a more forceful inclusion of studies on social issues, bringing the economy close. Nevertheless, those crises provoked that new trend emerges that begins to recognize the importance of the collectivity in its particularities in the more specific institutional context in organizations to sociology itself. During this period, the academy directed more explicitly the studies of the foundations and functions of institutional theory as the mechanisms that control the behavior and functioning of society. Therefore, this thesis addresses the problem which resides at the multinational companies that operate across the globe in different geographies where there are institutional dynamics variances on understanding the cross-countries impact on the general organizational engagement results engagement. This is quantitative research that uses an organizational engagement survey on the 5-point Likert scale applied in 18 different countries with 3266 respondents. Comparisons were conducted country by country, covered by using variance analysis (ANOVA) with Games-Howell post-hoc tests with a 95% of confidence level Finally, A significant impact of the informal rules (institutional dynamics) on the results of organizational engagement were observed, rejecting the null hypothesis. Additionally, a significant reverse correlation between Assertiveness and Employee´s Engagement; and a significant directly correlation between Collectivism and Employee’s Engagement could be observed. These results strongly corroborates with the new social trend discussion, as the different sociopolitical realities should be observed to a better understanding their impacts.
institutionalism , informality , organizational engagement , institutional dynamics
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