O processo criativo de Wilton Azevedo: diálogos entre a imagem, a palavra e a escritura digital expandida

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Moreira, Hugo Daniel Rizolli
Mello, Regina Lara Silveira
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Davino, Gláucia Eneida
Donati, Luisa Angélica Paraguai
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
The research investigates the creative processes of Brazilian contemporary artist Wilton Azevedo. These are sketches, drawings, paintings and digital compositions that are part of his vast work, which in this way, go from graphic gestures and pictorial elements to unfolding that are lodged on a computer screen. Relationships of his creative processes and his artistic methods are analyzed, according to researchers Salles and Rey. The artist relies on concepts of gestalt theory, organizes visual elements such as point, light / shadow, color, and texture, in the light of Gomes. Son, Dondis and Arnheim. It is related to the word and the poetic text, studied here in Chartier, which thinks the word and the text as historical elements, besides their signs established in contemporary times. Azevedo's pathways and procedures regarding digital devices are also analyzed, based on Flusser's fundamentals, which establishes connections of human language in the technological sphere, and Santaella, which deals with the relations of art and its signs in digital society. These are possibilities of producing and relating to art in digital contexts, supported by concepts developed by Reas & McWilliams, which deal with the relationships of contemporary devices with the languages of art on the digital platform, referenced here by Wilton Azevedo's artistic production, interpreted in Scriptures. Thus, the creative process of Azevedo is analyzed in its relations with the image, the word and the expanded digital scriptures, consolidated in the language of art and its unfoldings, now forged in the digital platform, associating with new devices coupled in verbal signs. and sonorous, establishing amazing types of digital scriptures. They are poetic links with the work of art, making him an artist of his time, who experienced in all its potentials the connection canvas-ink in the hardware-software association, consolidating Wilton Azevedo as an artist-researcher who expresses the relations between the languages of art and their representations reached by contemporary man.
processos criativos , arte digital , linguagens artísticas , escrituras digitais
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MOREIRA, Hugo Daniel Rizolli. O processo criativo de Wilton Azevedo: diálogos entre a imagem, a palavra e a escritura digital expandida. 2020. 136 f. Dissertação (Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.