Structural, Morphological, Vibrational and Optical Properties of GaN Films Grown by Reactive Sputtering: The Effect of RF Power at Low Working Pressure Limit

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Materials Research
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De Oliveira R.S.
Folli H.A.
Stegemann C.
Horta I.M.
Damasceno B.S.
Miyakawa W.
Pereira A.L.J.
Massi M.
Da Silva Sobrinho A.S.
Leite D.M.G.
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© 2022 Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos. All rights reserved.This work reports the properties of GaN films grown onto c-Si (100) at relatively low substrate temperature (400°C) by reactive magnetron sputtering. The study depicts the effect of working pressure and RF power on the GaN film structural, vibrational and optical properties characterized by X-ray diffraction, atomic force and scanning electron microscopies, Raman spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry. Unusual low pressure deposition condition (0.40 Pa) was achieved by using a separated argon inlet directed to the Ga target surface, resulting in improved crystalline quality of the films. In this condition, the preferential crystalline orientation, the surface morphology and the optical gap of the GaN films show a strong dependence on the RF power applied to the Ga target, where low RF power (30-60 W) was responsible for increasing the c-axis orientation and the optical gap, while higher RF power (75-90 W) decreased the overall crystal quality and increased the surface roughness.
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GaN film , Low substrate temperature , Optical-gap , Pressure limits , Property , Reactive magnetron sputtering , RF power , Si(1 0 0) , Thin-films , Working pressures
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