Caracterização microestrutural e interpretações genéticas de texturas em astromateriais

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Gonçalves, Augusto Nobre
Florêncio, Odila
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Vatavuk, Jan
Lima, Nelson Batista de
Silva Junior, Paulo Sergio da
Couto, Antonio Augusto
Engenharia de Materiais e Nanotecnologia
This work sought to contribute to the scientific knowledge on astromaterials in three ways: (i) advocating the need for uniformity in the terminologies employed with respect to the classification and interpretation of meteoric material textures, since there are some imprecise terms traditionally used in their description, causing noise in communication; (ii) proposing and describing the use of more geologically rigorous terminology, as a way to reach the advocated uniformization; and (iii) producing a micrography atlas for a systematic mineralogical and microstructural characterization of those materials according to the prescribed terminology. From the organization of the collection of samples, those which would be the most representative pieces of their taxonomic groups to go to preparation of laminas for microscopy were defined. The laminas with the selected samples were characterized by petrographic microscopy – a traditional technique for mineralogy and petrology studies that uses two light polarizing filters in its optical system to allow microstructure identification and its highlighting. The result was the creation of a photomicrography catalogue that allowed interpretation of identified textures in terms of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary phenomena, employing the astromaterial classification terminology proposed in this thesis. Part of the micrography atlas was used in a project of culture and extension that will become a themed artistic-scientific exposition for scientific propagation and popularization of the importance of studying meteoritic materials.
astromateriais , microscopia petrográfica , microestrutura , mineralogia , petrografia
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GONÇAVES, Augusto Nobre. Caracterização microestrutural e interpretações genéticas de texturas em astromateriais. 2020. 311 f. Tese (Engenharia de Materiais e Nanotecnologia) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2020.