Direito e Estado em Léon Duguit: a solidariedade social como fundamento do direito e a crítica da soberania

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Magacho Filho, Murilo Riccioppo
Smanio, Gianpaolo Poggio
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Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
Ferreira, Eduardo Dias de Souza
Direito Político e Econômico
Thisresearch seeksto understandthe main ideas present in the work of the French jurist Léon Duguit, highlighting those that led this author to overcome individualistic conceptions of subjective rights(as a right that the subject would have to impose his own will on other individual wills) and to the conceptions that theorized the sovereignty of a personalized State (as a power of command derived from the belief in a will of government distinct from individual wills). It also highlights the author's relationship with the construction of a concept of Social Law within a realistic perspective, which, while overcoming the logic of liberal individualism in the doctrines of individual law, rejected any legal formalism that conceived the Law as based on the will of metaphysical collective entities. In the field of discussion about the State, if some authors, such as Paulo Bonavides, saw in Duguit's radical critique of sovereignty a risk of justifying the reduction of the strength of developing States (in their relationship with other States), we demonstrate, in this research, that Duguit's theory did not eliminate the importance of state strength, but only tried to provide another material and socially legitimate basis to justify it. In a more current view of the author's theory, it is possible to highlight that the resumption of Duguinian concepts served for contemporary authors such as José Fernando de Castro Farias to deepen the possibilities, even the current ones, of a reconstruction of the Social Welfare State, disconnecting it of a paternalistic and authoritarian character based on the concept of sovereignty, to give it a more democratic aspect, since it is founded on social solidarity as a fact that underlies the foundations of a Social State of Law.
direito social , direito objetivo , direitos subjetivo , Estado , soberania , Léon Duguit , solidariedade social , solidarismo
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MAGACHO FILHO, Murilo Riccioppo. Direito e Estado em Léon Duguit: a solidariedade social como fundamento do direito e a crítica da soberania. 2021. 105 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2021 .