Estudando raça nos anos iniciais do Ensino Fundamental I: contribuições de obras do pintor Candido Portinari

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Santos, Carla Maria de Albuquerque
Mizukami, Maria da Graça Nicoletti
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Ambrogi, Ingrid Hötte
Nono, Maévi Anabel
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
This research is characterized by being a descriptive-analytical study of qualitative nature. It is, more specifically, a research intervention through which we analyze contributions of works by painter Candido Portinari to discuss the theme "black" with students of the 2nd. Series B, the elementary school I of a municipal school in São Paulo. The intervention was performed by an interdisciplinary project which, from some works of art of the painter Candido Portinari, allowed to treat the issue of "black", admiring the Law No. 10639/2003, which seeks to include in the official curriculum of compulsory teaching of the theme "History and Afro-Brazilian Culture." According to the law, 10,639 of 09 January 2003, the president of the republic Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 9394 changed the law of 20 December 1996 laying down the guidelines and bases for national education, to include in the official curriculum Network of education the compulsory subject "History and Afro-Brazilian Culture." It is based on theoretically works by painter Candido Portinari. The data sources were searched on the site Whereas citizenship as axis, seeking knowledge through activities that make sense for students was chosen as the site of Candinho Travel the World "that gave support for the intervention of this research project. The results show high student involvement with the works and the theme. There are indications that there was recovery of the black race and interest in knowing the African culture, after the black race feel valued and depicted in works by Candido Portinari.
escola , interdisciplinar , raça negra , arte , história , cultura , school , interdisciplinary , black race , art , history , culture
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