Compreendendo a construção e reconstrução dos valores relativos à competição organizacional (VRCO) no processo de mudança organizacional: um estudo de caso

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Leitão, Sueli dos Santos
Domenico, Silvia Marcia Russi de
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Brunstein, Janette
Paz, Maria das Graças Torres da
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This study it searched to understand the phenomenon of the organizational change by a perspective that considers the human element not as a resource that resist or accept the change, but as people who act and interact continuously in the construction of the process. When considering the organizational change from the interactions between stakeholders, it can do it taking in account the underlying values to these interactions, called Values Relative to Organizational Competition (VROC). For understanding the change as a continuous process of construction and sharing of meanings in the interactions between stakeholders and, that the Values Relative to Organizational Competition underlying these interactions, the present study seeks to understand as the Values Relative to Organizational Competition are constructed and reconstructed throughout the process of organizational change. For this, it was adopted strategy of research of the study of case and the qualitative methodology,considering as sources of evidence half-structuralized interviews and in depth, in a total of 20 interviews, observation not-participant, naturally occurring talk and documents for the construction of the empirical material, using the analysis of qualitative data for analysis and interpretation of the data. The results had shown that the VRCO can be modified to the measure that the introduction and acceptance of new discourse transforms the way with that the people interact, strengthening behaviors throughout the time and taking new the practical ones between stakeholders e, therefore, to the modification of values, understood here as Values Relative to Organizational Competition. As contribution to the managers, this study offers a deeper agreement on the phenomenon of the organizational change, having access aspects that, for being underlying (values), receive little attention in the processes from change.
mudança organizacional , valores relativos à competição organizacional , discurso , organizational change , values relative to organizational competition , discourse
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