Rotinas de busca e competências para inovar: um estudo comparativo entre empresas de serviço e de indústria

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Santos, Ana Maria dos
Meirelles, Dimária Silva e
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Marcondes, Reynaldo Cavalheiro
Popadiuk, Silvio
Vargas, Eduardo Raupp de
Carvalho, Ruy de Quadros
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The current fierce competition pushes organizations to look for differentials in their activities and with this movement the innovation theme has been more present in the organizational strategies as well as in the academic studies. As numerous as the innovations studies are their perspectives. To mention some examples, there are researches based on different companies sizes; others are focused in specific economic activities; some are more directed to innovation management. However, it is realized that there is still a need of further investigation in order to better understand the innovation phenomenon itself. When approaching specifically the service innovation, some scholars indicate that it is necessary an integrative approach on innovation, which are based on technical characteristics and suppliers and customers competences. The proposal of this work is in this sense, that is, to study how the innovation phenomenon occurs, independently of the economic activities of searched organizations. To do so, the innovation is studied under the routines point of view. In order to accomplish such objective it was performed a research on six services and four products, being that all of them are considered innovative by their respective organizations. The research was based on individual interviews with people that took part of the innovative services and products developments. The semi-structured interviews were choosen as the technique to gather the data. The results analysis was performed using the template technique. It is perceived that one of the major contributions of this thesis is methodological, in the sense that it is established a way to investigate the innovation under the light of search routines. In this sense elements of search routines were identified in individual and theoretical perspectives. Besides this, it was confirmed a hierarchy among the search routines. Other contribution of this study is the verification of the existence of a commom structure, underlying the different innovative services and products investigated. This structure is composed by elements and the customers of the innovative organizations are among such elements. It was verified that the size of such customers is an important factor for the development of the innovative services and products.
rotinas de busca , hábito , inovação , serviço , indústria , competência , capacidades dinâmicas , teoria evolucionária , financeiro , biodiversidade , sustentabilidade , câncer , andiroba , ovo , sobremesa , search routines , habits , innovation , services , industry , competences , dynamic capabilities , evolucionary theory , financial , biodiversity , sustainability , cancer , andiroba , egg , desert
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