Adaptação de um programa de intervenção em funções executivas e autorregulação no contexto escolar para crianças do 3º ao 5º ano do ensino fundamental

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Campos, Ana Paula Soares de
Carreiro, Luiz Renato Rodrigues
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Seabra, Alessandra Gotuzo
Segin, Miriam
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Executive Functions (EF) are skills that bring together aspects such as cognitive flexibility, working memory, inhibitory control, planning, self-regulation that allow us to control goal-directed behaviors. These abilities follow distinct trajectories of development until early adulthood. The school provides a rich environment for executive functions stimulation during daily living in the classroom. In Brazil, there is a lack of materials for intervention in these skills for school-age children, especially from the 3rd year. This study aims to adapt a Program of Intervention in Executive Functions and Self-Regulation (PIAFEX) for students in 3rd to 5th grades of Elementary School, to improve teaching practice and students' school performance. This work is divided in two phases, the first one involves the adaptation carried out by the author and the second the evaluation of the adaptation by a group of 6 teachers of children in the 3rd to 5th year of Elementary School, two of them for each school grade. PIAFEX aims at the development of EF in elementary school children, including skills such as organization, planning, inhibition of impulses, attention, working memory, metacognition and emotional regulation. The adaptation considered the adequacy to the contents of each year and the functions that are intended to be developed within the group of EF. In the second phase of this study, the teachers underwent training in EF to understand the skills that can be developed with the adapted material. This training has achieved the main goal of introducing important concepts about EF and self-regulation. All the PIAFEX adapted activities were appreciated by the teachers through assessment questionnaires answered from their classroom reality. In general, the teachers agreed with the activities, and the notes made by them resulted in new adaptations to the material. It was verified with this study that coherent activities were proposed to the development phase of children from 3rd to 5th year for the development of EF and self-regulation in this phase of schooling.
funções executivas , autorregulação , aprendizagem , dificuldades de aprendizagem
CAMPOS, Ana Paula Soares de. Adaptação de um programa de intervenção em funções executivas e autorregulação no contexto escolar para crianças do 3º ao 5º ano do ensino fundamental. 2017. 118 f. Dissertação( Distúrbios do Desenvolvimento) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.