Ainda é possível sonhar com a liberdade?: análise hermenêutica do discurso: I have a dream

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Santos Filho, Jorge Corrêa dos
Brito, Regina Helena Pires de
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Leonel, João Cesário
Ladeia, Donizeti
The speech “I Have a Dream”, delivered by Martin Luther King, has echoed throughout the world over the years for political, social and religious reasons. Despite being a deeply studied text, this dissertation aims to approach it within the scope of a hermeneutical analysis of the discourse, seeking to better understand its pertinence and adequacy, both at the time of its pronouncement and in the present day. In its original context, Luther King's speech points to the struggle against racial segregation and the exclusion of civil rights of black Americans. The manner in which the speech and the objectives of the March for Rights and Labor were presented took over the US capital city with people aggrieved for suffering segregation and sensitive to this intolerant attitude. For this, this dissertation, as it aims a Hermeneutic Analysis of the Discourse, recovers historical, social, political and religious contexts. The present study also makes intertextual connections to other Luther King’s conferences, as well as with several moments in which the presence of the text of the Sacred Scriptures can be recognized. Finally, under a contemporary view, this research verifies the current relevance of the theme of "I Have a Dream", a discourse that is constantly re-contextualized and whose theme is always urgent.
análise hermenêutica do discurso , intertextualidade , I have a Dream , King, Martin Luther
SANTOS FILHO, Jorge Corrêa dos. Ainda é possível sonhar com a liberdade?: análise hermenêutica do discurso: I have a dream. 2017. 81 f. Dissertação (Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .