Guias de atletas com deficiência visual: estudo exploratório de motivações presentes nesta relação

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Perez, Francisco Conejero
Becker, Elisabeth
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Carvalho, Sueli Galego de
Santos, Waldir Carlos Santana dos
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The objective of this study is to know the motivational profile of the guides that work with blind and visually impaired athletes. It aims to identify, analyze and describe a specific relation in the work of these guides and the factors that support it. A research of qualitative nature has been made in order to make it possible for the researcher to be in direct contact with the guides and, therefore, obtain accurate data about their motivations. A semi-structured interview has been made with four volunteer guides that work with blind and visually impaired athletes. The data have been submitted to an analysis of content in order to characterize their motivational profile, as well as their aim to help athletes, the consciousness of facing high motivational situations and mostly the perspective of social recognition that they experience and share with the blind and visually impaired athletes. This study emphasizes that the personal valorization experienced is not related in any way to the view of negative aspects in the partners. On the other hand, they are extremely critics in relation to some prejudiced manifestations they have faced in situations of competitions. The data also show that the described difficulties are related exclusively to the corporal movements with synchronism, pointing, thus, a content related to the physical activity, present, objectively, in the sporting events. In a view that privileges elements of the psychological comprehension of the development of the blind and visually impaired, risks of the establishment of relational distortions that imprint a hyper-protective bond and, consequently, disfavor the most creative and adequately independent experience of the athlete they are guiding could also be observed in the data.
guias de atletas com deficiência visual , práticas esportivas , deficiência visual , aspectos motivacionais , guides of blind and visually impaired athletes , sports events , blindness , motivational aspects
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PEREZ, Francisco Conejero. Guides of blind and visually impaired athletes: an exploiting study of motivations present in this relation. 2008. 104 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Psicologia) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2008.