Relações entre a TV digital e as novas mídias

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Bellicieri, Fernanda Nardy
Bairon, Sérgio
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Davino, Gláucia Eneida
Gosciola, Vicente
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
This research aims to analyse, in general terms, the digital environment in its essential technic and cultural aspects, so that, with this panoramic view, we ll be able to try ways to promote new content proposals, related to a powerful use of the media virtually composed. The specific-funtional focus surpasses itself as a metatextual content or just a decoder of processes and conditions that involve the search for a digital language. The focus reaches the pratical object: directing what was identified, apprehended and even speculated (why not?) about New Medias, to the digitalized television media like it´s been considered: an eminent real transformation. With the Digital TV introduction, we ll go into changes in many espheres. At least potentially this seems to be the most revolutionary incoming technology, with consequences in a large number of social aspects. It s not that potential can necessarily operate; the machine is not an end itself, but just a way to produce language. We can t say that potential as just a possibility is applied only to the social realities in development. Although the Digital TV is already in operation in the USA, Europe, japan and Canada, it is still no longer explored, even if compared with other digital medias (that are far from being examples os language investigation). Massive world; what s default here, seems to have its correspondent long distance. Technological collateral effect. The logic of this research is in the search for more questions that we are, in fact, used to. More links and non linear conections, interdisciplinarity and networks that we ve been able to dare with. Paying attention to the comunication treatment in the fluid space: our biggest resistance may be the most greatful indication of this work. Maybe it won t arrive to any solution, but working with doubts seems to be the virtual most compatible to real solutions digital based.
TV digital , novas mídias , interatividade , digital television , new media , interactivity
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BELLICIERI, Fernanda Nardy. Relações entre a TV digital e as novas mídias. 2006. 358 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação, Arte e História) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2006.