A construção do ethos do sujeito enunciador no discurso político

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Santos, Roberto Clemente dos
Bastos, Neusa Maria Oliveira Barbosa
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Faccina, Rosemeire Leão da Silva
Carvalho, Maria Teresa Nastri de
This paper, the result of questioning pertaining to the images constructed in political discourse, has as corpus the inaugural discourse address of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2003. This discourse was delivered by a poor citizen, northeastern and without a college degree who arrived in São Paulo, a steelworker, union president, but who rose to political positions to the presidency. The goal is not only to analyze the ethos of this enunciating subject, but also its constitution in the inauguration discourse, noting that this discourse is not defined as a information transmitter, but as effect of meaning between speakers. Moreover, the objective is to realize how the enunciating is constituted subject through the image construction that is evident to the enunciatee. We clarify that this paper joins the line of letters postgraduate research, discursive process and textual production of UPM considering as theoretical assunptions Brandão (2004), Charaudeau (2006) and Osakabe (1999), in Maingueneau line refering to speech. It is noteworthy that the image of this subject depends on how it interacts with the enunciatee, showing that who says it is worthy of credibility. The enunciating subject ethos builds itself on the speech, however, this construction is not something definite, and has thus, in several subjects in the course of it. The enunciating subject uses the discourse to show himself worthy to occupy the position for which he was elected.
discurso , discurso político , sujeito , polifonia , ethos , discourse , political discourse , subject , polyphony , ethos