Persona: um objeto estético na ambiência

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Azevedo, Rita de Cassia Castilho Varlesi de
Mello, Regina Lara Silveira
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Rizolli, Marcos
Cantoni, Rejane Caetano Augusto
Bellicieri, Fernanda Nardy
Hanns, Daniela Kutschat
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
This thesis is aimed to present artistic experiments focused on the subject matter of the Persona, in order to identify the relationship of the aesthetic object in the analogue/digital ambience. The clipping of this research has in view to articulate teories about the way how each studied artistic area elaborates the construction of his Persona, making some of these works to dialogue with other áreas, expanding the significant horizons for the viewer. The technical surveys on the work of each artist lead this research, refleting on the aesthetic and theorical method used in their works. The choise of the mentioned artists aims to draw a parallel between artistic practice and the intervection of the devices present in the works, having the focus on the Persona and the ambience. The research walks to an exteriorization of the Persona through the masks and performances and it has as an aesthetic differentictor, the potentialization of the analog or digital devices. From this stage, the route follows in several areas of the arts as: theather, photography, performance, dance and digital art in order to cover different aestetic experiences and therefore each “mask” differs and looks like the identification of the Persona. The methodology used consists of theorical surveys working as historicity in the relations of the mentioned areas and the interlocution with the devices utilized for the elaboration of the works. The general purpose of this research is to present the theory and practice of the artistic activity in different segments of the arts, in order to appoint the identities in the works of the different artists. The justification for this research lies in the artist's creative act, in the elaboration of his Persona, in the course chosen for the expression of his mask and in the ambience in which he settles.
persona , ambiência , performance , dispositivos , interação
AZEVEDO, Rita de Cassia Castilho Varlesi de. Persona: um objeto estético na ambiência. 2018. [166] f. Tese (Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.