Currículo, expectativas de ensino e aprendizagem e necessidades formativas de professores

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Haddad, Claudia Cristina
Mizukami, Maria da Graca Nicoletti
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Andrade, Maria de Fátima Ramos de
Tancredi, Regina Maria Simoes Puccinelli
Ambrogi, Ingrid Hötte
Reali, Aline Maria de Medeiros Rodrigues
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
This research deals with the importance of the curriculum organized in Expectations of Teaching and Learning together with a school unit in the city of Araraquara (SP). Thus, it discusses how this type of curriculum is structured, what its difficulties of operationalization and the viable ways for it to take place, in order to contemplate the whole student, without losing the cultural and multicultural baggage brought by each individual when inserting in the school environment. In order to identify these difficulties and contribute to the coping and overcoming of these difficulties, it is this research of a qualitative nature, constituted from the collaborative perspective, assuming as strategy the constitution of a collaborative working group. When observing, in field work, the way in which this curriculum is linked to pedagogical practices, considering their needs and foundations, the research proposes to dialogue with a group of teachers from the 1st to 5th year of elementary school, active in the career, Investigating their formations and perspectives. Adopting as theoretical references studies that address the new trends in teacher education, the curriculum conception organized by Expectations of Teaching and Learning and collaborative research, we analyze the contributions regarding the training needs of teachers for the development of a curriculum organized in Expectations of Teaching and learning. For this reason, we have put together a group formed by 15 teachers of the early years of elementary education. Throughout the first half of 2016 were developed 15 weekly meetings, with activities that are logged, recorded and transcribed. Several written records were made by the participating teachers. Both the recordings as records were documented. The written activities, attendance lists of teachers in HTPCs and texts were stored in a portfolio. It should be noted that the group brought contributions to overcome difficulties encountered in relation to the operationalization of a curriculum by expectations of teaching and learning as well as for the professional development of teachers. n the present study, the time we did not enough and we believe that it would take other collective moments, mainly for the learning of teachers regarding the new model proposed Work Plan of faculty for interdisciplinary local public schools in Araraquara. Despite this, the group held a meaningful work and configured itself as an excellent proposal for a professional development program based on the theorization of practice experienced by the teachers. The bibliographical research also reveals that the studies in this respect are little developed, in spite of its extreme need.
currículo , expectativas de ensino e aprendizagem , formação de professor , políticas públicas
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HADDAD, Claudia Cristina. Currículo, expectativas de ensino e aprendizagem e necessidades formativas de professores. 2017. 209 f. Tese( Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.