Área de lazer dos edifícios residenciaisde classe média: década de 1980 a 2007

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Nassif, Juliana Kallas
Bruna, Gilda Collet
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Fonseca, Antônio Cláudio Pinto da
Vizioli, Simone Helena Tanoue
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The purpose of this paper refers to leisure áreas of both middle-middle class and high middle class residential buildings, from the 1980 decade to 2007. By this time there was a procedure of changing in such locations which small gardens in front of the buildings became great leisure areas with a variety of equipments. However, the so- mentioned spaces are part of a series of features in relation to the town progress that are included in it according to the evolution. In order to have a good knowledge of this process, these studies were firstly made in accordance with the history of the town landscape scenery after going through theories of public outer areas and compared with the usage and leisure private area composition. Eventually, cases of each decade were analyzed, so that the image of what had been discussed throughout this paper could be accomplished. In fact, the current position of São Paulo city in the last three decades has required modifications as to the way of living and leisuring; on the other hand, it is quite significant that all this measures be performed in a way to provide good quality of space towards leisure.
áreas privadas de lazer , edifícios residenciais , São Paulo , leisure private areas , residential buildings , São Paulo
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