BI para TRI: as conexões perceptivas

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Rossi, Maria Cristina de Barros
Alonso, Carlos Egídio
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Lima, Ana Gabriela Godinho
Grinfeld, Fanny Feigenson
Nascimento, Myrna de Arruda
Giorgi Junior, Giorgio
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This work presents a vast investigation on the drawing and composition techniques as regards to their bi-dimensional level and its echo on the tri-dimensional space. By means of a non normalized organization of spaces, it´s purpose is to verify how the composition in the visual plan contributes to the gradual development of the composite experience of tridimensional spaces: it is about a fundamental teaching and learning paradigm on the early stages of architecture and Urbanization studies, time in which the students hold a higher liberty expression taking into consideration that at this time the commitment do constructive techniques and the specific functions of architecture are not yet emphasized. In order to comprehend the questions that surround bi and tri-dimensional spaces, an inquiry about the visual composition itself means, before all, to analyze its co relations according to our new perceptions holding the concepts, the representation techniques and the language of materials used to its purpose. It is about the phenomena that contour other perceptive channels, being them of sensorial character as logics, which determines it s inter disciplinary character: in this sense, there is a need of research and development in the theoretic and scientific areas as well as in the experimental artistic manifestation and in nonverbal thoughts. The purpose that drives us in this study is the singularity of the visual perception directly bonded to the objects and tri-dimensional spaces vision process characteristics and the syntactic possibility of its representations on the bi-dimensional plan, having as a support the graphic design as a basic element of the composite process: in order to achieve these aims, various methodological procedures are verified which can be experimented on their elaboration and their consequent results. Perception and representation, the act of thinking graphically, the sensibility contaminated by the visual qualities, were some of the themes already discusses previously in our Master dissertation in which in this present work will be revised and complemented by means of deeper reflections about the paradigm very specific formal relations of the visual composition that acts in a dialect form when related in both distinct natures, bi-dimensional and tridimensional. It is about an experimental beginning of the speculation of the formal and volumetric qualities, with emphasis on the creative methods and on the management of various language supports that conceives and represents them, as well as to more complexes relations that involve perception, sense and the meaning for the human being on the social, historic, behavioral and emotional scopes.
composição , desenho , percepção visual , representação bidimensional , representação tridimensional , composition , drawing , perception , bi-dimensional representation , tridimensional representation
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ROSSI, Maria Cristina de Barros. BI para TRI: as conexões perceptivas. 2014. 218 f. Tese (Doutorado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2014.