O mundo medieval recriado: o "Sertão profundo" de Elomar Figueira Mello

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Paes, Marleide Santana
Amaral, Gloria Carneiro do
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Trevisan, Ana Lúcia
Aguiar, Cristhiano Motta
Aguiar, Marcia Valeria Martinez de
Junqueira, Maria Aparecida
This research proposes to analyze the first novel by Elomar, Sertanílias - Cavalry Novel published in 2008, for the following purposes: to understand the approach that it is the medieval foundations and evaluate the reconfiguration of its narrative from the referent the Bahian backlands, specifically the regions known as "hinterland Surf" and the Middle San Francisco. Developed discussions were based on two assumptions: the cycles of medieval narratives, still present in the traditions of orality and therefore in the collective memory of the frontiersman were reconstructed in that novel and incorporated into local legends; the medieval knight is recovered in idealized construction of the protagonist figure. To treat the operating elements in the process of replacing the narrative focus for a screenplay, we seek support in Alfredo Carvalho considerations about the narrative focus, and respect the fundamental principles of movie theater, consider the concepts of Jean-Claude Bernardet. About the research concerning the fantastic aspects present in the work, we rely on theoretical assumptions of the authors Tzvetan Todorov, Irlemar Chiampi, Selma Calasan Rodrigues, Ana Luiza Camarani. In order to apprehend the discursive level of recurring fantastic in the novel and ascertained the structural and semantic aspects of argumentative field of work, guided by the question: how the author potentiates the beliefs and backcountry cultures from a fantastic approach? We defined the objective of research: a) realize how Elomar builds fantastic language appropriating the backwoods of reference. b) understand how the characters are in the physical hinterland and medieval mythical hinterland proposed in the narrative structure. c) show the argumentative bias adopted by the author in the preparation of country language process. d) learn the procedures adopted by the author during the construction of the concept of hinterland and backcountry in the fictional sense. Regarding the methodological aspects, we turn to literature interviews, newspaper collections, books, periodicals, articles, and videos, interview with the author; sources of which bring a considerable amount of information to enrich the discussions proposed in this research.
fantástico , homem , memória , religiosidade , sertão
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PAES, Marleide Santana. O mundo medieval recriado: o "Sertão profundo" de Elomar Figueira Mello. 2016. 241 f. Tese (Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.