A política econômica externa brasileira e a indústria têxtil de 2013 a 2017

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Freitas, Luiza Maria Astolfi Barbosa de
Racy, Joaquim Carlos
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Vartanian, Pedro Raffy
Moura Junior, Álvaro Alves de
Leite Neto, Fernando Ribeiro
Economia e Mercados
The following dissertation focuses on Brazil’s economic foreign policy and its relationship with the Brazilian textile industry. The aim is to find out if the government aids or prevents international negotiations that could better develop this sector of the economy. In order to do that, research was made to identify if Brazil has industrial policies or international commercial policies regarding specific partners, and data about the sector was inserted. Thus, an attractiveness index was elaborated to reveal the role that each market represents for Brazil as an exporter, be it real or potential. The indicators used will help to clarify the notion of unexplored trading partners, as well as to analyze the impact of relations with existing allies. The indicators also provide data about reality that makes the proposed analysis and reading easier. The objective is to correlate the themes of economic foreign policy with one of the largest Brazilian industries, the textile – checking in theory the lines of Foreign Policy and, in practice, the countries that become commercial partners.
indústria têxtil , política externa , política econômica , Brasil
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FREITAS, Luiza Maria Astolfi Barbosa de. A política econômica externa brasileira e a indústria têxtil de 2013 a 2017. 2019. 106 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Economia e Mercados) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.