A produção do espaço: ausência de integração das políticas públicas na zona costeira do Município de Fortaleza-CE

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Romcy, Cristina Maria Aleme
Bruna, Gilda Collet
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Philippi Jr, Arlindo
Malheiros, Tadeu Fabricio
Alvim, Angélica Aparecida Tanus Benatti
Bezerra, Ricardo Figueiredo
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The worldwide preoccupation with the activities developed in costal zones and their consequences takes many countries to develop studies in order to find solutions with partnerships. Within this band of ocean near the coast, actions and policies are applied without a cooperative guideline in the sense of depredating no natural existing resources and do not pollute. Many times there are occupations conflicting the use when it is installed an environmental degrading process. The causes of these problems are: the unknowing of the public goods and of their environmental resources, as well as the lack of integration among the governmental sectors and the society in the environmental management. This thesis general objectives structure a management style of coastal zone of Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. And for this, discussed the plans, programs and projects needed to administrate comprehensively the coastal zone, being implemented together with the municipalities, the state and the federal government, aiming to propitiate conditions to develop sustainable projects of land use and occupation, in order to contribute to the environment quality, by the nation. The methodology adopted is based on the documental analysis existing for the coastal zone, guided by the theoretic-conceptual references that treat the themes about the coastal zone, its management and its land use and occupation. Thus it begins with the knowledge of the space and its resources, problems and economic activities identification that cause pollution and environmental degrading. The analysis are developed focusing the existing public policies and the instruments for their application. The concept of coastal zone in focus treated the theoretical reference in a comprehensive form searching to indentify the bases for the study of the public policies applied within this space and, consequently contribute to propose more sustainable land use and occupations
gestão integrada , política urbana , zona costeira , meio ambiente , management integrated , urban policy , coastal zone , environment
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