Graphis : inovação em serviços gráficos para o mercado corporativo

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Fernandes, Elisabete dos Santos
Ghobril, Alexandre Nabil
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Benedetti, Mauricio Henrique
Lima, Edmilson de Oliveira
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
In the current context of the graphic sector in which the digital services have progressively replaced traditional production, the challenge of the companies in this area has been to restructure the supply portfolio in order to modernize and feed the increasing demands of their customers. Accordingly, the present work aims to introduce the path taken by a graphic company, Graphis, for analysis and consequently the identification of an opportunity to make the most of the leasing equipment segment, leading to the offer of new digital services anchored in an innovative business model. Marcondes, Miguel, Franklin, and Perez (2017) protocol of technological report was used in order to introduce the course taken by the entrepreneur in his analysis and decision-making process. The observation included: on-site visit to the company, product, and process analyses; interview with the entrepreneur and access to the company’s reports and data. With the purpose of offering further opportunities, the BCG matrix tools and SWOT analysis were taken into consideration. In addition, to propose a solution, the business model was designed with the use of Business Model Canvas. Despite the analytical tools presented to the entrepreneur, it was possible to notice that his decision-making process, considering the analyzed alternatives, was guided by his personal perception of taking advantage of the identified opportunity to meet the request of a commercial partner, who ordered an on-demand solution for digital posting. Finally, the work analyzes the decisionmaking process of the entrepreneur, who finds support in the theory of effectuation, by presenting the bases of his behavior which is mainly influenced by feeling, personal ties and minimization of risks.
inovação , novos produtos , gestão de pequenas empresas , integração de tecnologias , teoria do effectuation , empreendedorismo
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FERNANDES, Elisabete dos Santos. Graphis : inovação em serviços gráficos para o mercado corporativo. 2018. 46 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2018.