Minhocão e arredores: construção, degradação e resiliência (1970-2016)

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Assunção, Eduardo Luiz de Lima
Guerra Neto, Abílio da Silva
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Villac, Maria Isabel
Bartalini, Vladimir
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Rua Amaral Gurgel, Avenida São João, Praça Marechal Deodoro and Avenida General Olímpio da Silveira: above these roads and green areas was built in 1970 the Elevado Costa e Silva, popularly known as "Minhocão" -­‐ an elevated highway that caused a profound change in the urban landscape of these streets and their surroundings. Buildings got deteriorated, others were built. Much of the population who lived there abandoned their apartments, bringing poorer people moving in. New residents were attracted over the last few years. Green and empty areas that opened visual perspectives to important landscapes of the city were blocked. Sao Paulo received its first zoning in 1972, a new one in 2004 and the last -­‐ recently approved -­‐ in March 2016. This thesis will examine the changing of the urban landscape which the region has passed through in the last 45 years after the construction of this elevated highway, comparing the patrimony built (the conservation state of important old buildings and the construction of dozens of new developments in the recent housing boom), the urban design (streets, squares, subway implementation, bus and bike lanes), social modifications (resident population, regular visitors and activists) and the administrative and legal changes (planning legislation and administrative discontinuity). In order to show a more relevant comparison, it will shortly show the 45 years prior to the construction of Minhocão, as well as a brief history of the streets and their constructions.
elevado Costa e Silva , paisagem urbana , patrimônio arquitetônico , São Paulo , avenida São João , rua Amaral Gurgel , mercado imobiliário , elevado João Goulart
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ASSUNÇÃO, Eduardo Luiz de Lima. Minhocão e arredores: construção, degradação e resiliência (1970-2016). 2016. 364 f. Dissertação (Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .