Produção do espaço urbano a partir da implantação do Trecho Sul do Rodoanel, em São Bernardo do Campo: impasses e perspectivas

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Aguilar, Carolina Bracco Delgado de
Alvim, Angélica Aparecida Tanus Benatti
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Bógus, Lucia Maria Machado
Zioni, Silvana Maria
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This work focus on social aspects of urban space, and it‟s producing by the interaction of ground circulation, employment and occupation, and theirs impacts on the environment. It is considered that the network of urban infrastructure, especially those linked to traffic and transport of people and merchandise, interferes significantly on the production of new sites and locations, including the production of urban space in accordance to the interests and conflicts of theirs actors. This process is framed by analyzing the urban space production on São Paulo City metropolitan region, focusing the circulation traffic system and the urban sprawl toward country areas. The specific interest of this research is the perimetrical ring road named Rodoanel Mário Covas, whose Southern Section is being built by crossing water springs protection areas in São Paulo, and is setting up conflicts of interests between circulation benefits and environmental protection. This section, that is, the Lot Two, is located in São Bernardo do Campo country region, where it links the Anchieta and Imigrantes Highways; over this point of view, São Bernardo do Campo is a singular city on this hole project, since it is the unique city on whose region two highways access roads are being built. A new law about spring field protection, recently approved, works on this subject, and it seeks to discipline the urban space in partnership with the municipality. From the understanding of a real processes under way, the impasses and the prospects that arise from the production of urban space and the resulting transformation of the landscape in the area of interest of this research, looks forward to contribute to the formulation of urban and environmental policies in support to the management of urban space
produção social do espaço , Rodoanel Mário Covas , manancial Billings , São Bernardo do Campo , social space production , Rodovia Mário Covas , highways ring roads , spring waters protection , São Bernardo do Campo
AGUILAR, Carolina Bracco Delgado de. Produção do espaço urbano a partir da implantação do Trecho Sul do Rodoanel, em São Bernardo do Campo: impasses e perspectivas. 2010. 282 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2010.