A criação de um mercado de carbono voluntário no Brasil como instrumento para o desenvolvimento sustentável

Rosário, Ricardo Pedro Guazzelli
Solon, Ari Marcelo
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Frangetto, Flavia Witkowski
Silva, Solange Teles da
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Since the end of the 60's, humanity has been more concerned about its relationship with the environment. As a result, many worldwide conferences and concepts have been developed along the way. The main events were the Stockholm conferences (1972) and Rio de Janeiro (Eco- 992), the World Commission about the Environment and Development which published The Report of Our Common Future and defined sustainable development as being that which is capable of guaranteeing the necessities of present generations as well as future generations in regards to quality of life and the planet's resources. However, this is not what has been witnesses, especially in regards to the emissions of the greenhouse effect antropic gases, which have aggravated the system, the climate in relation to the increase in the planet's temperature, and its consequences. From the recognition of that fact, society began making either voluntary decisions or taking international political action. In the political sphere, agreements with the Agenda 21, the Convention of Biologic Diversity, The Convention of the Climatic Changes, and the Kyoto Protocol are the main instruments which are focused on the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases from the different antropic actions. The aforementioned instruments together with all of their systems created a mandatory carbon market. In parallel, organized society also desiring to reduce its gas emissions and start a lower carbon economy created several voluntary carbon marktes such as Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the Gold Standard Foundation to mention a few. This study presents the mandatory as much as the voluntary markets and presents the Brazilian potentials with the creation of the voluntary national carbon market.
mercado de carbono , mercado voluntário de carbono , política climática , desenvolvimento sustentável , regulamentação jurídica , carbon market , voluntary carbon market , climatic politics , sustainable development , judicial regulation