A invenção e reinvenção do Parque Público Paulistano : um olhar sobre a produção municipal

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Casimiro, Matheus de Vasconcelos
Lima, Ana Gabriela Godinho
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Perrone, Rafael Antônio Cunha
Queiroga, Eugênio Fernandes
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The object of this dissertation is the design developed for the municipal public parks of the city of São Paulo. The main intention is to set up a historical overview of the architecture projects, and trough that, identify and analyze the project variations and uniformity by comparison of the program, design and constructive techniques developed in the draws that subsidized the implantation of these equipment in the capital. The fulfillment of this task will go through the definition of what would be the object of analysis, looking at the beacon of what would be the public parks, the public park in municipal instance and the specific stage of the public park project. From the scene of the organization of the municipal public authority to provide the green spaces itself, there will be a special focus given to two specific moments of creation of the public parks: the production from 1968 to 1992, with the clairvoyance of a specific department for the formulation of projects, and those ones made between 1993 and 2012, already with a Municipal Secretary with the same attribution. What can be noticed, in general features, is that it is possible to identify, from the graphic material proposition, some ineffaceable characteristics of the formation of the municipal public park in São Paulo, and on the other hand, to highlight the mutations that occurred with the substitution of a hegemonic thinking that valued the public recreational by the environmentalist theme. The main interest of this research is to bring to the surface of the academic discussion what had been the production of the municipal departments of this specific area and produce a debate about the paths that have been taken in the practice of formulating the green spaces, emanating notes that can be useful both the theoretical reflection of this object as giving practice parameters that help the reflection of its contemporary agents.
parque público , projeto de arquitetura paisagística , espaço coletivo , poder público , pesquisa em área de prática projetual
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CASIMIRO, Matheus de Vasconcelos. A invenção e reinvenção do parque público paulistano : um olhar sobre a produção municipal. 2018. 379 f. Dissertação (Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.