Makro Food Service (MFS): em busca da ampliação no mercado de São Paulo

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Tortelote, Sandro Lopes
Miguel, Lilian Aparecida Pasquini
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Cappellozza, Alexandre
Costa, Edson
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Subject: This work was prepared with the objective of exploring, with the identification, diagnosis and validation, an opportunity for Makro Food Service (MFS), a company in the wholesale sector, seeking a sustainable expansion. Application: The opportunity taken advantage of through the realization and management of the category according to the demand of each HORECA customer segment and reformatting the sales approach. Impact: Current value chain will be impacted, as all process within should be changed with the proposal to take advantage of the opportunity. In order not to cause any disruption in the current chain, the work foresees progressive implantation, being applied in a pilot municipality (Campos do Jordão, Taubaté or São José dos Campos). The data collected in the intervention must be used in a process of continuous improvement and the data in the form of other locations in São Paulo. Inovation: The innovation applied in the solution to obtain the opportunity was incremental, noting that the main changes must occur in value chain processes. In addition, data and information system will be used to conduct the negotiation processes, based on the customer's needs, which will allow a direct channel between supplier and customer. Complexity: The main challenge of intervention will be the application of the new model without affecting the current ways of work of Makro Food Service. In addition, the current budget should be followed with no over costs. Another challenge will be to prepare salespeople to change the way they approach customers since in the proposed model collect data in a precise way will be essential to reach the opportunity. Methodological and procedures: The methodology for preparing practical work and science in administration and accountability was used in the designed and built of this paper. The methodology consists of to understand the opportunity, analysis and diagnosis and then propose a solution, action plan, intervention, evaluation, and final report. All steps of this methodology were applied in this paper.
Makro Food Service , ampliação , oportunidade , cliente alvo
TORLELOTE, Sandro Lopes. Makro Food Service (MFS): em busca da ampliação no mercado de São Paulo. 2021. 70 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo. 2021.