3D interactive environment applied to fencing training

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icSPORTS 2016 - Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support
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Guimaraes C.P.
Balbio V.
Cid G.L.
Orselli M.I.V.
Xavier A.P.
Neto A.S.
Correa S.C.
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© Copyright 2016 by SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reserved.The purpose of this study was to present a 3D interactive environment - a Digital Platform to help in fencing training. The first fencing motion described and analysed at the 3D platform was lunge in epee fencing. The platform was able to show kinematic variables of upper and lower limbs and the center of mass that characterized a good performance in epee fencing. The platform also incorporates a digital database of eye track motions of the fencers. An OptiTrack motion capture system was used to capture the lunge motion of five skilled amateur fencing athletes in the presence or not of a static opponent and an Eye Track System Tobbi II was used to track the eye movements of the fencers when performing a lunge attack with a target. The 3D platform was developed using Unity3D and can present some interesting results to improve available information to coaches. That highlights the importance of visualization biomechanical results based on coach criteria in a more understandable way to help athletic training.
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Athletic trainings , Center of mass , Digital database , Digital platforms , Fencing , Interactive Environments , Kinematic variables , Motion capture system
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