Atendimento a pessoas com deficiência no ensino superior: estudo do Centro Universitário Senac

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Gonsales, Lia Fernanda Sorrilha
Carvalho, Sueli Galego de
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Saeta, Beatriz Regina Pereira
Bueno, José Geraldo Silveira
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The universe of the attendance to the people with deficiency in Superior Education through the experiences of a private ISE is the focus of the present study. The objective is to analyze and to argue of that it forms occurs the attendance the people with deficiency in the scope of the University Center Senac. The employees of the technician-administrative body of the private ISE whose function is of attendance to the public had been the participants of the research. The procedure of collection of data was constituted by the following phases: 1) application of questionnaire in 42 employees to investigate the situation of the University Center Senac in relation to the frequency and the attendance the people with deficiency and to select the sample for participation in the following one; 2) interviews with five employees who had expressed attendance difficulties the people with deficiency in phase 1. The results indicate that the attendance the people with deficiency, whose frequency is raised (88.1%) in the private ISE, presents more difficulties (lack of information on the organization, unfamiliarity of the types of deficiencies, among others) of what the easiness (physical structure of the ISE and personal characteristics). The stories of the participants consider, still, that specific training would inside contribute for the improvement in the attendance the people with deficiency of the private ISE. The analysis of the results sample that the participants are available for the development in order to fulfill its task main that is the attendance, of more efficient form. It is treated, therefore, of a chance so that the private IES can give a jump in quality in relation to the reception of these people providing, thus, possibilities of educational inclusion of this segment of the population.
pessoas com deficiência , ensino superior , atendimento ao público , inclusão educacional , people with deficiency , superior education , attendance , educational inclusion
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GONSALES, Lia Fernanda Sorrilha. Atendimento a pessoas com deficiência no ensino superior: estudo do Centro Universitário Senac. 2007. 149 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Psicologia) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2007.