A responsabilidade social empresarial como meio propulsor da efetivaçăo de direitos trabalhistas

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Mercante, Carolina Pereira
Siqueira Neto, José Francisco
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Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
Meyer-pflug, Samantha Ribeiro
Direito Político e Econômico
One of the main features of postmodernity is the worldwide expansion of capitalism effects, both positive and negatives effects. Money appears to be volatile; the goods become global, being produced and consumed in different continents; different cultures mingle, collide and sometimes originate new cultural expressions; inequalities and tensions grow in geometric scale; and the current social and environmental problems become planetary. In this scenario, the emerging global citizen now requires the States and the market sustainable positions, so that the companies are pressured to incorporate ethical values and to act with social responsibility. This dissertation is a reflection on corporate social responsibility as part of employment relationships, and presents the cardinal facets of this movement, with an indication of relevant historical facts to its emergence, some concepts, distinctions, justification, legal basis, enabling mechanisms, stimulation and accountability tools. It also exposes some views about the scope of the term sustainability, and analyses the connections between social actions of corporations and certain aspects of citizenship. Finally, it suggests ways for this new style of business management, still under development in Brazil, to enforce labor rights.
globalização , relações de trabalho , responsabilidade social empresarial , cidadania , globalization , labor relations , corporate social responsibility , citizenship
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