Discurso político e ethos: os discursos de posse do prefeito de São Caetano do Sul

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Ferrante, Audrei
Pinto, Elisa Guimarães
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Hanna, Vera Lúcia Harabagi
Brito, Regina Helena Pires de
Elias, Vanda Maria da Silva
Sartori, Janete de Andrade
This thesis attempts to apply the rules of rhetoric and the types of ethos in the analysis of the chosen corpus, which is: the inaugural speeches of the mayor of São Caetano do Sul, delivered on January 1st, 2005 and January 1st, 2009. At first our studies were geared toward the study of relevant theoretical topics which served as a basis for the analysis of a construction of an image exposed by the argumentative discourse of a political nature. Based on the research of this theoretical tool whose basis lay in the works of Patrick Charaudeau for the topic of Political Discourse; and Elisa Guimarães for Discourse Analysis, among other important authors related to the General Theory of State and Political Science, general concepts of society, State, democracy, politics, language, political discourse, and especially, the type of ethos the one who utilizes a political discourse is related to, were exposed. Because of the highly argumentative nature of political discourse the aim of this analysis is to show that anybody who intends to be chosen for public office at the head of the Executive branch of a city must build a image of himself that is capable of making itself known to the public, making use of strategies to persuade and subsequently provoke the induction of the collective thought on a specific topic. This paper aims at contributing to the studies of language, especially in relation to the making of capable and critical citizens, integrated to the reality of the society to which they belong.
discurso político , retórica , ethos , political discourse , rhetoric , ethos
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