Da Calormânia para Nárnia: a construção do personagem em O cavalo e seu menino

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Nascimento, Audrey Carine Cerqueira Santos do
Ferreira, João Cesário Leonel
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Aguiar, Cristhiano Motta
Camargo, Luís Hellmeister de
Fairy tale, fiction, fantasy and imagination. A narrative with different characters, talking animals, adventures and dangers, some discoveries and surprises, new beginnings and interlaced stories, with expectations and perspectives of change related to fear and courage, subjects abstracted from The horse and his boy. Written by Clive Staples Lewis between the 1940's and 1950's, the text is one of the stories that are part of a famous series globally known as The chronicles of Narnia or As crônicas de Nárnia, in Portuguese. From the reading of The horse and his boy and based on the analyses done supported on the view of the Theory of Literature, observing and verifying the perspectives from the authors like Candido et al. (1968), Frye (2013), Wood (2017), Brait (2017), and Lewis himself, just to mention some theoretical thinkers that spoke about the construction of the characters, the research below intends to verify how the main characters, or the heroes of this story are developed. And by heroes, this author recognizes the boy Shasta, the male talking horse from Narnia, Bree, the girl Aravis and the female talking horse from Narnia, Hwin. The analysis also intends to study how these four characters develop their particularities through their relationship and meetings with other characters presented throughout the whole story and how they are presented by the understand of the secondary figures in the text. At the same time, intends to observe the point of view of the narrator that is also the author of the text, Lewis. Furthermore, it seeks to comprehend how their interactions contributes to their developments, because they are presented in many ways as the narrative is told as well related one to another in parallels. The story of this book tells the journey of the four figures mentioned above in their own way from Calormen, located at the south of Narnia, to the north, to Narnia itself. The plot tells the about the different situations that they must deal with before getting to the dreamed Narnia, as well tells about the meetings with the other actors of the story through their way. Actors that are equally important and significant to comprehend the text and the main characters of it. Therefore, it can be inferred that the analyses of The horse and his boy allows to deduce, from the point of view of fiction, which is the better path to follow in the matter of the study of the construction of the characters in literally texts. In consequence of this it's possible to infer, likewise, due the parallels stablished between the characters and through the dialogues observed in the plot that the fictional narrative also allows to provide similar correlations between the text and with the reality. But, at the same time, The horse and his boy gives to the readers the opportunity to know better the author of this text and a little bit more of his ideas expressed in it the same way.
personagens , cavalo , menino , Nárnia , heróis , literatura , ficção
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NASCIMENTO, Audrey Carine Cerqueira Santos do. Da Calormânia para Nárnia: a construção do personagem em O cavalo e seu menino. 2020. 116 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2020.