A proteção das crianças e adolescentes refugiados no Brasil: a necessidade de políticas públicas de integração

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Santos, Isabelle Dias Carneiro
Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
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Duarte, Clarice Seixas
Vedovato, Luís Renato
Menezes, Daniel Francisco Nagao
Brasil, Paula Zambelli Salgado
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This thesis results from research based on a systemic method, with the analysis of the trajectory and number of and teenagers in situations of refuge existing in Brazil, the current protections, as well as the legal gaps and faults of protection and insertion in the national society, as well as what can be done to adjust the discussion to the legal and political feasibility of new public policies to protect refugee minors. The development of the theme will also be guided by the qualitative and deductive method and use of exploratory methodology consistent with the National Public Policies for children and adolescents, that is, the legal, political, social and economic issues of protection, acceptance and integration of these children and adolescents, accompanied or unaccompanied, who take refuge in Brazil, as well as field research with non-governmental organizations and religious/confessional host entities. The reason for choosing such a topic is closely related to the need to protect this vulnerable category of people, since that despite the growth in the number of refugee applicants and refugees in recent years, protection for this youth group as well as literature on this subject is almost non-existent, making their needs invisible to international and national society, despite the substantial quantity of international treaties and domestic laws aimed at the protection of children and adolescents and refugees, making them the subject of three areas of law, namely international refugee law, international human rights law and law constitutional, these branches that have as one of the points in common the protection of life and human dignity, these topics put in check often in the name of national sovereignty and security.
refugiados , crianças , adolescentes , políticas públicas , Brasil
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SANTOS, Isabelle Dias Carneiro. A proteção das crianças e adolescentes refugiados no Brasil: a necessidade de políticas públicas de integração. 2018. 278 f. Tese (Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.