Os efeitos das sanções da lei anticorrupção na defesa da livre concorrência

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Petean, Fabiano Augusto
Smanio, Gianpaolo Poggio
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Pinto, Felipe Chiarello de Souza
Leonel, Ricardo de Barros
Bagnoli, Vicente
Lima, André Estefam Araújo
Direito Político e Econômico
The thesis proposes an analysis of the punitive civil and administrative anticorruption system, created by Law n.º 12.846/13, for the treatment of illicit conducts generated by the behavior of the legal entity and its agents, which affect the national public patrimony and foreigners, the principles of public administration and the international commitments assumed, according to art. 5, "caput", of said law. The identification was made because the administrative and civil interference of such sanctions directly affect the free competition proposed by the Market Theory and the Federal Constitution. Therefore, the comparison between the penalties imposed on legal entities and the result obtained for the market and for competition, even with mitigating measures, is fundamental for clarifying the legal panorama incident on the system of corruption in the activities of legal entities. Thus, with the study of this affectation, it will be possible to identify whether the anti-corruption mechanisms in the civil and administrative sphere will strengthen free market competition or, depending on the institute and the way of application, could destabilize the market, competition.
lei anticorrupção , sistema punitivo , reflexos , livre concorrência
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PETEAN, Fabiano Augusto. Os efeitos das sanções da lei anticorrupção na defesa da livre concorrência. 2019. 376 f. Tese (Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.