O papel amalgamador do poeta na Guiné-Bissau atual

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Melchiades, Katia
Vasconcelos, Maria Lucia Marcondes Carvalho
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Pinto, Elisa Guimarães
Brito, Regina Helena Pires de
The literature of Guinea-Bissau reflects deeply the problems and challenges of this country located in the Northwest of Africa that is searching its economical stability and the reaffirmation of its identity after the recent process of Independence from Portugal, in 1974, and is currently facing a scenario full of serious social and political instabilities and a growing diapora. Having as a departure point its historical past and the Portuguese language in common with the Brazilian history and language and from the perspective of the studies of Stuart Hall and of lusophony, in the present research we intend to demonstrate the relevance of the social role of the poet in Guinea-Bissau today and how the literature of the African nations where Portuguese is also spoken can contribute to the process of valorization and affirmation of the African culture in literary studies in classrooms, according to the Brazilian Federal Law 10.639/03. The corpus of this research, the poem “Guinendade”, by the Author from Guinea-Bissau, Rui Jorge Semedo, meets the needs of the indispensable study of the approaching of peoples that share the Portuguese language and the historical traits of the colonization. Thus, this research suggests applications of interdisciplinary activities in classrooms of the Elementary Education, aiming the rereading and valorization of the African culture and literature in the curriculum of Brazilian schools.
Guiné-Bissau , identidade , literatura , ensino de língua portuguesa
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MELCHIADES, Katia. O papel amalgamador do poeta na Guiné-Bissau atual. 2015. 121 f. Dissertação (Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.