A produção cultural de Almeida Garrett: contribuição além do romantismo

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Dias, Humberto Luiz
Santos, Elaine Cristina Prado dos
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Machado, Alleid Ribeiro
Bridi, Marlise Vaz
Brito, Regina Helena Pires de
Trevisan, Ana Lúcia
This thesis intends to seek the affirmation of the fact that Almeida Garrett represents the contributing figure of a cultural producer of Portuguese Romanticism, with the purpose of establishing a cultural source for the history of art, especially in the field of literature and dramaturgy. The thesis examines Almeida Garrett's production not only from the point of view of writing and its participation in the field of literature restricted to an era, but also in its extensive cultural production, of remarkable significance in addition to its texts and dramatizations, presenting a research that has as its focus the intention to gather a part of the production of Almeida Garrett for analyzes related to the cultural contribution. The works evolved into a result that literally determined the opening of cultural spaces, initially considered monumental belonging to the nobility, such as the construction of the Dona Maria II Theater in Lisbon and the National Conservatory of Lisbon, built as a result of the effective performance of Garrett as a writer, playwright and cultural political activist member of both the court and society, such actions represent the permanence and continuity of culture, keeping alive the relationship of writing, representation, music and even later artistic vehicles such as photography , the cinema, the internet, and the dialogue between media. The cultural production of Almeida Garrett takes place beyond the romanticism extending the culture to the people.
romantismo , literatura e sociedade , Almeida Garrett , dramaturgia , cultura , produção cultural
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DIAS, Humberto Luiz. A produção cultural de Almeida Garrett: contribuição além do romantismo. 2019. 241 f. Tese (Doutorado em Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2019.