Direito e política em Deleuze: a realidade do virtual

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Balconi, Lucas Ruiz
Mascaro, Alysson Leandro Barbate
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Almeida, Silvio Luiz de
Caldas, Camilo Onoda Luiz
Direito Político e Econômico
This paper aims to approach the thought of Gilles Deleuze and his critical reflections on the form of State, the right and sovereignty, through a profound critique of hierarchical systems and arborescent thought that privilege Unity and impose their way of life. Deleuze with his theory of multiplicity makes an interpretation of reality that combines an ontological construction and a reading of the world and society that surprises with a new distribution of beings and things, does not allow for natural unit. Thus, the Deleuzian policy analysis leads to a nodal point of re-elaboration of problems of contemporary political thought that culminate in the analysis of the medium state. Investigate the issues of sovereignty, the relationship between capitalism and state policy; violence and the law; power and social relations, among other things, to observe the genealogy and historical development of social formations and recombinations that develops on individual concepts, minority, autonomy and sovereignty, as well as the relationship between economic processes and structures social power and the state, the issue of war, the entanglement between geopolitics and geo-economics, etc. Deleuze, however, as otherwise Foucault also is sought alternatives to orthodox Marxism, working with a certain resistance to current thinking at the time, to propose, by substituting games, one Nietzscheism and Marxist dialogue, denying the proceeding of "Hegelian-Marxian", changing the dialectic, heteronomy and identities cleaved by a micro-politics of subjectivity. Finally, Deleuze proposes a political practice able to give real emancipation to the subject, a nomadic process of "de-identification" of singularities production.
prática política , emancipação , forma-Estado , minorias , political practice , emancipation , form-State , minorities
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BALCONI, Lucas Ruiz. Direito e política em Deleuze: a realidade do virtual. 2016. 1 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2016.