Valores, poder e a centralidade do trabalho de gestores homens na Cidade de São Paulo

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Samaha, Marcos Baruki
Teixeira, Maria Luisa Mendes
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Almeida, Cleverson Pereira de
Borges, Livia de Oliveira
Administração de Empresas
Power is a social and human value, related to social status, prestige, control and dominance over people and resources. It is a basic human value, which communicates the needs of power and is present in workplace relationships and in the private lives of managers. Power is inherent to the management role. In order to obtain results and to harmonize the organization, managers need to control, make decisions, organize, structure, communicate, motivate, persuade, lead, make connections, optimize, direct the resources and act. Therefore, power comes from work. Work occupies a growing and disproportional significance in the lives of individuals and the symbols of power that arise from work represent a relevant aspect in the social relationships in the different life areas. The objective of this paper was to comprehend how managers satisfy their need of power, by means of the social values related to power that arise from work and how these values are evident in different life areas and reflect the work centrality on managers’ lives. We conducted qualitative interviews with 38 male managers in the city of São Paulo, from different industries, ages, positions and hierarchal levels. The results were obtained through interpretative contextual analysis. They demonstrated the role and the meaning of work for managers, revealed the symbols of power for them, lead us to recognize the social values related to power and to apprehend how they become manifested in different life areas and reflect work centrality. In the social interaction between individuals, the symbols of power are established, ingress the life areas, and impact the way individuals make choices, behave, act and live. Power, as a basic value that communicates the needs, is related to social values linked to power, which are connected to the life areas.
valores , poder , centralidade do trabalho , áreas da vida
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SAMAHA, Marcos Baruki. Valores, poder e a centralidade do trabalho de gestores homens na Cidade de São Paulo. 2016. [203 f.]. Dissertação (Administração de Empresas) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, [São Paulo].