Sob [re] o Minhocão: apropriações, arte e festa

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Guillén, Maria Isabel Camañes
Alonso, Carlos Egídio
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Abascal, Eunice Helena Sguizzardi
Villac, Maria Isabel
Nascimento, Myrna de Arruda
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
The objective of this research is the study of the appropriation of public spaces, by means of contemporary artistic manifestations, approaching the discontinuity, ruptures, fragmentation, flows and constitution of urban landscape in the contemporary life context. In order to do that, it is used the Elevated Highway Costa e Silva, aka Minhocão, in São Paulo City. The work, split in three main sections, aims to identify the way in which cities are built and the relationship between artistic manifestations with public space appropriation, identifying their power of re-signification of the sites and how they translate the social concerns The “Minhocão” is visualized in the Metropolis context, elaborating a specific reading of this territory by means of wandering around, as means to build the urban landscape. This puts the territory as a way to interact and experience reality, manifesting a very personal and introspective narrative about space, as well as developing means to read and write about the sensorial attributes in the relationship between public space and its appropriations. Afterwards, it takes of to recognize the local pre existing environment, with its physical and usage characteristics and the approach to the relevant issues in both dimensions, analyzing the manifestations that happen in those places, and, labeling them with the ephemeral characteristics of the contemporary world, regarding to concepts, visions and recorded experiences, and crosschecking them by means of theoretical foundation. The chosen method is the sistematic observation of the object of study by mapping, photographic recording and comprehension of the adopted concepts.
Minhocão (Elevado Costa e Silva, SP) , manifestações artísticas , paisagem urbana , intervenções temporárias , condição efêmera
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GUILLÉN, Maria Isabel Camañes. Sob [re] o minhocão: apropriações, arte e festa. 2016. 187 f.. Dissertação( Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .