Proposição de um programa de desenvolvimento de fornecedores para a Cemig

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Castro, Leandro Corrêa de
Oyadomari, José Carlos Tiomatsu
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Dultra-de-Lima, Ronaldo Gomes
Pereira, Gustavo Menoncin de Carvalho
Controladoria e Finanças Empresariais
Objective of the Work: Structuring a supplier development program for Cemig, a mixed capital company that operates in the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization. Despite being one of the largest companies that purchase materials in the national electricity sector, Cemig has difficulties in supplying a range of items. Thus, there is an evident need to develop suppliers, a common practice in the private sector, but surrounded by paradigms in the public sector. Design / Methodology / Approach: It is an interventionist research, with a focus on transforming the reality of a public company and generating relevant theoretical contributions. Among Cemig's entire portfolio, a critical category was selected - Electrotechnical Hardware, validated by internal areas of the company. Institutions of industrial development and research were mobilized, as well as communication with the supplier market, for the structuring of a solid supplier development program for Cemig. Results: The research allowed: (i) the proposition of a supplier development program for Cemig, increasing private market practices in the context of Cemig's mixed capital company, without giving up the legal aspects; (ii) the methodology for creating such a program, which can be replicated to other organizations; (iii) the mobilization and engagement of several areas of Cemig in favor of the program; (iv) the expansion of Cemig's Supply capacities, especially regarding the company's role in regulating, fostering and sustainable development of the market, as well as the innovation of management practices. Practical Implications: This work has practical implications for: (i) public companies, as it highlights the application of supplier development practices in bidding processes, based on the best interpretation of the law and the role of the State to foster and regulate the supply market; (ii) companies in the electricity sector, public and private, for presenting a specific model of supplier development for the sector in which they operate; (iii) the electricity sector and ANEEL, which, with the use of supplier development programs such as the one presented in this work, will have gains in efficiency and economy with the improvement of market performance, which will contribute to the electrical and regulatory systems. Originality and Contributions: The practice of developing suppliers is relatively common in segments where networks and industrial clusters are strongly present. However, this is not the case in the national electricity sector, in which the concessionaires are very focused on the practice of the lowest price and the suppliers are isolated from each other. For public companies, they suffer from the rigidity of their processes imposed by legislation. This work innovates by presenting an efficient performance improvement model for the electricity sector, as well as expanding the functions of Public Administration. To this end, a consistent supplier development program was structured, with careful steps based on the practical issues involved, punctually explaining difficulties, opportunities and points of attention.
desenvolvimento de fornecedores , compras públicas , setor elétrico
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CASTRO, Leandro Corrêa de. Proposição de um programa de desenvolvimento de fornecedores para a Cemig. 2021. 201 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional de Controladoria e Finanças Empresariais) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo. 2021.