Invest in data: auxiliando as pessoas a investirem melhor

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Almeida , Ramon Barenco Aceti Herdy de
Medeiros Júnior, Alberto de
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Caldeira, Adilson
Prado, Edmir Parada Vasques
Perez, Gilberto Perez
Haber, Jabra
Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios
Investors have different levels of risk tolerance; have different amounts of monetary values available for investments, lifestyles, preferences and varying terms. With the sharp de-cline in the interest rate and increased investor interest in increasingly sophisticated investment products, there is a need to unite investors and financial market analysts because, on the one hand, have demanded more information and analysis on the financial market and on the other hand we have the offer of trained, trained and certified professionals to meet this demand. In-formation on financial products is dispersed, creating a way for the investor to initiate invest-ments consistently and because there are several levels of knowledge and consequently differ-ent types of needs, thus providing the opportunity to idealize an application, by which analysts financial institutions can send information on market behavior and forecasting, economic pro-spects, stock advice and respond to and support investors in their inquiries. In order to make it feasible, it is proposed, as innovation, the development of a distributed application, with a set of intelligent contracts that store the data in records within the blockchain. With this, the inves-tor does not need to register in several plataforms, since each one that he registers has to pay a monetary value or to receive a profile analysis or to obtain exclusive content on investments.
investimento , blockchain , plataforma , investidor , inovação
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ALMEIDA, Ramon Barenco Aceti Herdy de. Invest in data: auxiliando as pessoas a investirem melhor. 2019. 33 f. Dissertação (Administração do Desenvolvimento de Negócios) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo. 2019.