Re-Visão dos aspectos de linguagem da escritura fotográfica na ambiência digital

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Guedes, Ângelo Dimitre Gomes
Azevedo, Wilton Luiz de
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Guimarães, Alexandre Huady Torres
Sales, Cristiano de
Rosario, Giovanna di
Rizolli, Marcos
Educação, Arte e História da Cultura
The correlation technology-language has behaved as an important vector for the changes in the ways humanity relate and the photography is an important element in this discussion. The digital scripture, the Internet, the advance of the automation and the development of new technological devices, exemplify factors that have been causing questions to think and rethink the most diverse human actives. The photograph shows changes in procedures performed for its creation, production and dissemination, as well as in technological devices used for such actions. There is a growth in the number of produced and shared images and in the speed of these actions. Moreover, the credibility of the photographic image has been increasingly questioned. The present thesis aimed to investigate, above all, the language aspects of photographic scripture in digital ambience, considering the complexity of this scenario. To this end, the following path has been completed: i) survey of some major speeches on aspects of photography language throughout history, especially those who discussed their indicial and symbolic aspects, and also, introduction to some ideas about complexity of photography in contemporaneity; ii) brief discussion of the changes in the informational relationships of humanity over time, emphasizing the correlation between technology and language, as well as some ideas and concepts of digital scripture, the internet, the advance of automation, new technological devices and the relationship languages.; iii) analysis of changes in the language aspects of photographic scripture, discussing and analyzing some procedures involved in its articulation and also in the production and dissemination of photographs in digital ambience; iv) presentation and analysis of projects carried out by the author of this research in collaboration with researchers and artists of Digital Humanities Lab that help to reflect on several points raised in this research, enhanced by digital scripture. This thesis sought to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue on the many challenges and opportunities that involve the articulation of photographic scripture in the digital ambience, especially in relation to its language aspects. The current scenario shows some moves that show profound changes in articulation of photographic scripture and demonstrate its potential to go new ways, including the expansion of photographic beyond their culturally imposed boundaries. Moves influenced by digital scripture responsible for generating and disseminating any visual, sonorous or verbal element. This Re-View of photographic scripture can contribute to the search for new strategies for the images producer in contemporary society, as well as to reflect on their creative processes.
escritura fotográfica , ambiência digital , linguagem , tecnologia digital
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GUEDES, Ângelo Dimitre Gomes. Re-Visão dos aspectos de linguagem da escritura fotográfica na ambiência digital. 2016. 267 f. Tese( Educação, Arte e História da Cultura) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.